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Interesting facts about me

1. Love collecting Action Figures (mostly 1:6 scale)
2. Love collecting X-Plus garage kits 
3. Like watching UFC fights.
4. Love living in San Diego, Ca.

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    Where is it?
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    Reply from one shot:

    Where's what Spence? The Collector's Corner? It's one of the Yuku forums in the cave board. I think you can scroll down on all the boards and it's the very last one. You're more than welcome to stop by and take a look at things. I post lots of pics for you guys to check out. chime in if you want...come have some fun.
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    You bet! Nice to see a fellow 1/6er, the numbers just keep on growing!

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    Reply from one shot:

    you have to come on over to for some more 1:6 stuff!
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    Sure thing I will pop in every now and then

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